Sugarloaf Landscape


My love for photography began over a decade ago when I was introduced to film development in my high school's darkroom. Most of my free time was spent there, learning and practicing the delicate process. Developing photos in that peaceful darkroom became my form of meditation.

I went on to further my education at the new hampshire institute of art where I majored in my craft. Here I was able to hone my skills in classic film development (and continue those daily retreats to the darkroom), but also master digital photography.

Since my studies at nhia, I have been fortunate enough to practice photography in my daily life- photographing friends, family, and anything that inspires me- constantly. I find that in my free time I am hiking with my other half, Jameson, and our two lovely dogs! When I am not hitting the trails we are total foodies! We have an absolute love and strong passion for a good DONUT! There are so many ways for me to connect to the world, whether to nature, furry friends, or a good meal I am happy to be sharing it with someone. I'm excited to get to share my passion with the world through Little Redd Photography.

-danielle connor

Photographer and owner of Little Redd Photography


Dijana + Bruce

a couple with their dog laughing and playing

Danielle is SO good at her craft! She’s creative and open minded—she was able to incorporate everything we asked of her. She’s able to help us stay focused and mindful of our movements when taking staged pictures but also has a great eye for candid shots and lighting. It was important to us to incorporate our dog Bo in a lot of our shots and she made it all happen! She’s been awesome for our family pictures for the holidays and our engagement shoot—looking forward to our wedding photos with her, too! ABSOLU