As someone who loves a good love story...

this one has it all. When I had begun sharing my services I had so much support from friends. One friend approached me with an opportunity I've been dying to photograph. My friend's brother was looking to surprise his girlfriend of 6 months with an engagement ring. They had met and as he had told me, "the moment I met her I knew she was the one..." My hear began to swirl with happy thoughts of a whirlwind, long distance love. How could I not help this pure human being!?

Lots of conversation and planning began. Take not friends if you want to execute this kind of experience. First, we began with a location in which means a lot to the couple. This couple enjoyed strolls at Fort Foster when she visited him. He also knows the area very well and that is huge, that means NO OTHER SURPRISES. Next we move on to the alibi, for him he wanted to use his lovely pup as an accuse to take a stroll down Fort Foster. I don't object to having a dog with us so of course I agreed. We walked the location, talked about time of the day and 'the script' that worked for both us!

When the day came with codeworded texts and emails we finally put our action to plan. I arrived early to scope out the area to make sure I was at my mark when they arrived. Their adorable pup ALMOST gave me away which we laughed about later. When asked to take their picture Nate went down on one knee and I was there ready to see Evanne get so very excited. We promptly did a small golden hour session to wrap up the beginning of something new and I sent them on their way to dinner. When I got home and looked at the images, I could just feel the love from their expressions as clear as that day. I am so happy for them! THANK YOU NATE & EVANNE for letting me be apart of this! Also thanks Guisness you cute pup for not fully giving me away. ;)