Hello friends!

First blog post of the year, first blog post EVER. I feel as though there is so much to be said in my excitement for sharing the images I am taking. I feel like with social media it’s all about grabbing your attention and here I want to share my thoughts and feelings with my photo sessions! Today, I plan share about my recent shoot. And maybe in time share about some past sessions that you may have seen images from. 

Kendra, a friend of mine, has decided to also make a leap in life. She will be starting her life in Colorado surrounded by a few friends and her lovely pack of dachshund mixes. This place, Adam’s Point, seems to call to her often of a favorite place to visit. It was endearing to be taken to place that is held so close to someone’s heart. That moment when someone takes you around all the familiar bends of the trail and explain memories that had happened draws you in. Kendra has photographed with me before, but this time it was her that had the reins. She was open to suggestions and prepared herself to walk barefoot. That action alone felt like a wood nymph running back to home base. She walked gracefully although there was many dried sticks and burrs about.

The solo shots were peaceful and full of grace. It was great to work with someone so new to being photographed but also wanting to share a piece of themselves in front of the camera. And here began our challenge. Kendra also visits Adam’s Point with her pack. They are rag tag group, Ruby (red), Boone (dappled) and Earle (white and black) came out of the car full of energy. They too took us down all the trails they knew too well. We could not help but laugh at their lack of restraint in their celebration of freedom. It is always a challenge to just photograph one dog, but three! I was so just so happy to be there. Every time I saw these four together I felt a smile curling behind the lens. 

In the end, I felt walking away and looking at their communication in post production I could feel their bonds. They gripped tight to each other. I think moving, starting over, and visiting a new place can all be overwhelming BUT I feel like the company Kendra keeps, she will be okay.

Alright, check out some addition photos not shared on social media. Let me know what you think too!

This is Redd signing off!

Danielle Antico