Pam + Scott

Last year was a first year as a photography business. I worked up all the courage in the world to just to begin. When this couple reached out to me for wedding images I was not only welcomed by two families becoming one but into a very special day. Pam + Scott knew each other for quite a long time and remained friends through their lives and it just happened they ended up together.

Each had three kids from previous marriages and this was all about becoming one big family. Oh, and Star Wars. Both of them had an exetreme love an passion for Star Wars. Between homemade Princess Leia head piece right down to Scott's super cool wedding band. But it wasn't just about Star Wars, it was a common thread. A theme that not only carried great importance to the bride and groom but how the family bonded over the movies. I think for a first wedding (that I had done in a LONG time), this eased me back into a positive mindset. I forgot how much love, fun and time is put into a wedding but also the amazing finish that comes a long with it.

I find that Star Wars characters said it best to put wrap up Pam + Scott's love:

"I love you." "I know." — Princess Leia & Han Solo