I feel that there are so many important pieces to the puzzle of photography.

First, when you catch the photography bug you grab whatever camera may have been passed down through the family, or a point and shoot or your phone and you take photos of everything. I mean EVERYTHING. No subject is safe, no nook and no cranny. And then you reaize there is an art, there is a skill out there I need to wrangle in. Refinement, the principle of art, color theory, the history of this art. Then comes the big one, WHY are you taking these photos. Here comes the artist theories, the stories behind each image, and maybe a gallery show.

I mean, at least that's somewhat of my story as to how I got hooked into this creative outlet. But it also explains my need to continue to break outside the commercial photography. I think it is VERY important to practice creativity in photography, NO MATTER how wild the idea may be. I like to come up with bewildering scenes, something that may reflect an idea of fashion photography featured in magazines. I can take a look at scene and learn, then execute similar practices in a commercial setting. Now it's not say when photographing a session I don't get creative, but the purpose behind the session is purposeful and not whimsy. But I will go there with you if you want. ;)

Getting creative for me may mean that some work I produce you would see several of the same cast of characters. It helps to get friends on board with a fun idea. Other times making a model call adds an extra element of surprise of what can be made. A chance to be creative it stretches my mind and allows a different type of collaboration to come to mind. I tend to like having these creative sessions so the final images could help promote a special. I think it also shares with my audience a peek into my mind.

The question now is, next time you see me put out a model call, are you ready to get creative?