Hello friends! I am currently setting up for the warmer weather to welcome us! As I reflect on past sessions, my excitement grows for future ones. No matter what time of year, I love to prepare my customers for sessions in front of the lens. Before every session, I like to meet with all parties involved and discuss details and answer questions. This allows me to get a sense of who you are, so I can tailor a style that fits your unique and individual image. With that in mind, I thought I would write a small how-to guide on what happens during this process of booking a session, so I can best capture the time we have together.

The first step is always the setting! When we are looking to shoot together, I’m interested in finding out what location will make this session unique to you. It may be a special place with great importance, or perhaps a place that takes your breath away. The best tip I can give you to ensure that you and your place of choice look the most flattering, is to consider time of day. I will certainly do my best to accommodate your schedule, but there are without a doubt certain times of the day and weather conditions that are much more favorable. For instance, cloudy conditions actually soften the light, avoiding the harsh conditions you might find on a sunny day in the afternoon. One of my favorite times of day to work with portrait sessions is golden hour, typically closer to the evening. But again, this is something that would be discussed before the actual shoot in person.

With the setting chosen, it makes dressing appropriately that much easier. When you’re looking to dress yourself to be photographed, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, what best represents you? I want to see your own personal style, because this is your session after all! Consider the overall mood, season, and location when choosing the type of clothing you want to wear. Also, if you have more than one person participating, classic looks will be the easiest for everyone involved. Remember comfort is always key, as well as being prepared for your chosen location. In New England any weather is possible, so layers, appropriate footwear, and backup clothing will be your best bet. Solid colors, soft patterns are a good start. Darker and more subdued colors tend to be more flattering.There will also be varying positions to try during your session, so choosing an outfit that moves well with you will allow you to get the most variety out of your sessions. This doesn’t mean that fitted clothing is completely out of the question, as clothing too baggy can create unwanted attention. Important: make sure there is something that represents you. All of the great tips in the world don’t compare to the expression of personality that shines through when you wear what makes you feel best. It’s most important to me to get your personality in these photographs.

If you are interested in props, this is important to discuss before the day of your session. It is always great to look up inspiration, and bring the images with you the day we meet. A great tool for this would be the app Pinterest, because of the visuals and variety.  This will help guide me in capturing you and your props the way you intended. It’s also really helpful to consider coordinating colors. Sometimes looking up colors inspired by the season we are photographing can help narrow down your choices. If there are certain things you want me to capture, whether it be ceremonies during a wedding or an idea that you want to execute, this is something I would love to discuss and prepare for. With that in mind, though I do appreciate Pinterest as a tool, please consider that my own personal style may be different from what you choose for examples, and authenticity is very important to me. Therefore, I will execute your wishes within the limits of my personal photographic style. 

Overall when we meet for the first time, I would love to be interviewed by you! It’s important that we communicate and explore options, so we can decide together whether we are the right fit for each other. I’m aways looking for people willing to jump in the ocean and be ready to be in front of the lens. A sense of adventure and excitement is what I’m looking to show in my work, and to see in you when we meet for the day of our shoot. You are the reason why I like to pick up my camera every day! Capturing life one moment at a time.