Karly and I met a few years back at a cafe job. We became fast friends and I always found it charming when we would part ways Karly would hop into a large red truck. She often would talk of her truck was needed to carry all the hay for Sonny and his friends.

I had heard of Sonny for some time and always pictured an unicorn. Karly spoke of how gentle he was, riding him was a dream and even newcomers to riding would find him welcoming. I had met him once before our shoot so I could confirm all these good tidings. So when I arrived on that day, despite the heat and the shenanigans that come with photographing any animal this pair delivered.

It was amazing to see the control Karly had on her own horse but also the way Sonny responded.

They both had their own language.

The shoot was full of laughter but overall a loving energy. I found that by the end it felt like I had just met an unicorn and his princess. It was magic! I even got the opportunity to jump on Sonny which was a great ending to this session.